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deckanddock-decksAlways a great addition to any house, decks are becoming more and versatile, and are in use practically year round. If you’re looking to build your ultimate outdoor hangout for your family, Deck & Dock encourages you to use your imagination. Just about anything is possible!

Deck & Dock specializes in designing and building very special outdoor spaces that are a reflection of the personalities of the people that use them. Decks can be complicated engineering projects, and Decks & Docks has the experience and qualifications necessary to be able to bring the concept in your mind to a reality in your yard.

There is no project too big or too small for us, and we work to add our own touch of character to each build through our distinctive attention to quality and craftsmanship. We can build classy and stylish at the same time as rugged and durable, and are able to provide a variety of suggestions for materials, patterns and colours to complement your home.

There are specific types of wood and wood composites that are able to withstand Calgary and Alberta’s winters without a wince these days, and our clients are adding great features like outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, water features, seating and entertainment areas, and even recreation areas for fun additions like putting greens and golf swing simulators.

There is no limit to what you can do with your deck – provided it is safe and legal! Prior to beginning, Deck & Dock will ensure all proposed designs will comply with municipal by-laws and make sure your permitting is handled properly. All that’s left to do is design your deck!

Facts, Rules and Regulations For Decks

Every municipality has its own guidelines for the construction of decks on homeowners’ properties, and Deck & Dock are experts at doing the research to make sure your deck complies with all regulations and that no time, energy or materials are wasted because of failure to take the proper steps.

Specifically to Calgary, according municipal by-laws a deck is defined as an uncovered horizontal structure no smaller than 2.2 sq. m. (approx. 23.6 sq. ft.). The deck must be higher than 60 cm (approx. 2 ft) above grade level at all points, but still below the first storey level.

  • A Building Permit is required for the construction of a wood deck where the deck is higher than 60 cm (approx. 2 ft) above grade at any point.
  • Depending on the height and size of the deck and the community in which you live, your design may also need a Development Permit prior to obtaining your building permit.
  • If you choose to construct your deck out of any material other than wood you may require the seal of a Professional Engineer licensed to practice in Alberta before beginning.

Deck & Dock’s builders come with years of experience and expert carpentry skills to ensure your project will not only be beautiful.

Docks and Bridges
deckanddock-docksThere are a variety of places Albertans escape to and they can include your backyard, your summer home in the woods and your acreage on the prairies. All offer a dose of the good life, and a custom build to capitalize on your enjoyment opportunities can make everything even more ideal.

A dock or a bridge can be complicated structures, and the experts at Deck & Docks know the necessary steps it takes to ensure your creation is as long-lasting as it is attractive. We are knowledgeable about the advanced materials and technology needed to produce a low-maintenance, highly-durable dock that meets all your recreation needs plus more. Deck & Docks can install fixed, floating or cantilevered docks, and we are happy to incorporate any design specifics you may have.

We also build bridges, which can consist of a decorative footpath over the koi pond in your backyard to an elevated pathway for those on low-lying acreages in Alberta looking to keep their feet dry during the wet times of the year.

Deck & Docks can help you work your way through the authorization process for your dock or bridge, and guarantee to safeguard the delicate ecosystems of your property. We are specialists in site location, and time our work properly to avoid disturbing the fish and plant life of Alberta and B.C.’s waters.

Because both dock and bridge building involve Alberta’s waters, before any kind of work takes place there are a variety of authorities that must be contacted. Local municipal planning offices and their provincial Public Lands, Water Management, or Fish and Wildlife affiliates will determine if your dock or bridge is planned for an area that may be environmentally sensitive, or subject to restriction. Generally, in Alberta, only temporary, seasonal piers, docks or boat lifts that are removed completely from the lake at the end of summer may be constructed without obtaining an approval.

Docks & Bridges Facts, Rules and Regulations

There is a lot of legislation about working around water in both Alberta and B.C., but due to B.C.’s more temperate temperature and its high number of recreational lakes, it has slightly different rules that allow for somewhat more flexibility in builds.


Before any construction is undertaken on or near a natural waterway or reservoir in Alberta the following should be contacted:

  • Fisheries and Oceans Canada
  • Alberta Environment
  • Alberta Sustainable Resources & Development
  • The local municipal authority

Approvals will be needed for any permanent structure. Deck & Dock takes care to use completely clean products to avoid contaminating waters, and ensures that no debris or alien substances enter the water during construction.

There are many other variables involved in building a dock or bridge in Alberta, including:

  • If your construction’s foundation is below the high-water level and may impede water movement.
  • Whether your dock is floating, on posts or a cantilever design.
  • If your dock or bridge is in a park or protected area, or on federally-owned property.
  • If your project involves excavation, including dredging or the deposit of sand, gravel, concrete, and other materials below the high water level.
  • Whether your project may affect boat navigation

Deck & Dock sees it as our responsibility to ensure all the necessary authorizations are in place before proceeding with work.

Custom Features
deckanddock-treebarAt Deck & Dock, we know custom. We love any challenge you can throw our way, and our designers can accommodate for any extra detail you would like to incorporate in your deck or dock plan. We regularly include features such as outdoor lighting, decorative additions like sculptures and artwork, and water features and fountains.

Calgary and Alberta gardeners also like to build planters into their decks for their summer annuals or privacy shrubs. We can suggest the most attractive and easy way to integrate greenery and plantings into your deck, and even make room for your favourite apple tree to grow in for shade.

Tie your current underground irrigation into your deck’s construction so that you never have to worry about watering, or we can build your deck’s own personal system.

deckanddock-firepit“There is really no limit to what can be done. Your existing gas lines can be attached to your barbecue for propane-free grilling, and gas fire pits and fireplaces create ambience and warmth. If you love the smell of wood burning, we can also recommend the best and safest way to include a classic wood fire pit.”

But don’t stop there. What about a season-friendly putting green? Or an outdoor swing camera for the off-season? A projection wall for movies? Or what about a dance floor with funky lighting?

If you can dream it, Deck & Dock can build it!

Full Landscapes

Deck & Dock appreciates gardens because we know how hard they are to cultivate and grow in Calgary and Alberta! For as much time as we at Deck & Dock spend in other people’s yards, we know that quite often those things planted are more treasured than those things built.

We build both our decks and docks to complement and enhance your current landscape. If there’s a cherished tree you want to retain, we can find a way to work around it. We employ certified landscapers who know how to keep your current hard-earned work in terms of growth in your garden looking exactly the way it did when we arrived, and even provide ways to make future growth even better.

Building a deck requires a lot of digging, and Deck & Dock will never dig before locating all power, heating and irrigation lines. We guarantee to pay as much respect to your environment as you do.

To supplement your new deck or dock, we provide complete professional landscaping and gardening services. In addition to any and all grading and repair work we can also:

  • Offer choices for landscape design to add further value to your deck or dock.
  • Provide selections for hardy plant varieties that thrive in Calgary and Alberta conditions.
  • Sod, seed or fertilize your current lawn to account for potential changes in growth due to the structure.
  • Remove or replace or replant any shrub, tree or perennial that may be required.

There are about as many new trees, shrubs, perennials and annuals as there are new options for your deck or dock, and our designers find as much inspiration from the flora around them as they do from the people they work for and the home is which they live.


Alberta is the land of the Rocky Mountains and we know stone. Our clients use stone quite often to accent their deck or dock design, and not only does it add beauty, but also structure, balance and strength. We use stone in everything from retaining walls to fireplace mantels, and it’s perfect for withstanding the fluctuating weather patterns in Alberta. Stone is reliable, resilient, and endlessly reusable.

Choice of stone depends on your preference, how well it will incorporate into the design of your build and whether or not it compliments the style of your home. Varsities found in and around Alberta include river rock, granite, flagstone, limestone, sandstone and basalt, and all can look very different depending on their placement and their use.

Use stone for building:

  • Fire pits and fireplaces
  • Steps and stairs
  • Pathways
  • Platforms
  • Accents for your kitchen
  • And More!

Deck & Dock is also skilled with using decorative (or manufactured) stone choices for hard to fit places and specialty projects.

Tile is another material we work with often and one that also provides plenty of opportunities. Employ your imagination to pattern stone or tile inlays across your deck and enjoy your low-maintenance outdoor living room and kitchen. We employ top notch masonry artists to ensure a flawless install, always guarantee our work.

Outdoor Living
Calgary Outdoor Living

Deck & Dock has built several outdoor kitchens in Calgary and we are always impressed with the way they can completely change the way you view and use your yard. Outdoor kitchen invite people to step outside, and keep them there longer than usual.

We build our outdoor kitchens to last. Materials such as steel, concrete, rock and tile make outdoor kitchens able to withstand everything the weather in Alberta can bring, and won’t need regular maintenance, paint or stain. They are a great, attractive addition that adds value to your home and are prefect for entertaining. Most end up larger than the kitchen inside the house, which makes it easier to feed even more people!

Your outdoor kitchen can consist of a barbecue and some cabinets for storage, or be a fully operational gourmet paradise with your grill plus a stovetop, oven, refrigerator and sink. The cook and guests can cozy up to outdoor heaters or fireplaces to keep warm throughout the year, and you can create a several types of dining areas, such as comfy bench seating with a view of your outdoor television or a sheltered nook out of the sun.

There are a huge amount of options and various ways to dress up your outdoor space to truly make it comfortable, unique and an important part of your home.